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Daniel Moreno is committed to sales excellence and helping you or your staff take the next step in your sales career!

Hi There! I'm Daniel Moreno, passionate sales trainer, coach, and motivator

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Daniel Moreno is a passionate sales trainer, coach, and motivator. Daniel found massive success selling cars for nine years in Rochester, NY. Consistently making a six-figure income and continuing to better understand and be a student of sales as well as relationship development and cultivation. He founded Gatekeeper Training so he could help others develop the skills needed to have a successful and fulfilling automotive sales career. 

“At 22 years old, I found myself like much of America. Wanting just enough to get by. In the car business, though, when you do it right. I learned you can have everything you ever dreamed of and enough time to enjoy it. I want to help other people get that same feeling and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, and there is no degree needed. Anyone can become a sales superstar with the right attitude and work ethic with the Gatekeeper Training Automotive Sales Degree.” 

Gatekeeper Training

is devoted to helping current or non-salespeople become top performers within the automotive sales industry.

 Car sales have massively changed over the past 20+ years, and it is not what it used to be. Neither should the training! 

At Gatekeeper Training, we focus on process, customer service, and relationship management. We are teaching a style and process that will be successful for decades to come. Transparency and care is now the name of the game. Customers have more information available to them now more than ever with the internet and information accessibility. 

Gatekeeper Training will help you use that to your advantage, treat customers better, and with more professionalism than your co-workers and competitors. The name of the game is selling cars, developing, and keeping excellent relationships. That births repeat business, referral business, and service loyalty. Giving the salesperson a better chance to have a long career at one dealership and massive success for the salesperson and the dealership. 




There is a reason why the average turnover rate for salespeople is about 70% in the automotive industry. 

The Problem

Most dealerships have millions of dollars tied up in inventory for the lot. They spend tens of thousands a month on advertising and marketing. Many dealers even spend thousands of dollars a month just to keep the facilities clean.

Most dealerships though, do not have a real training program or any kind of ongoing training regimen for their sales staff. So no matter how great the cars on the lot are or how nice the facilities look. It is almost impossible to keep the sales staff for a long time. It is no one’s fault, but this is an inconsistency within the industry, and Gatekeeper Training is here to help individuals and dealerships alike! 

The Solution = The Gatekeeper Training Sales Certification.

We are teaching a tried and successful process for every step of the sale and relationship. Building on those skills with ongoing training gives the right person a much better opportunity for initial and ongoing success and the ability to remain at one job and dealership for a long time, which is a big win for the employee and employer.