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Although the world does not want you to know it. “Going to college and getting a good job” is not your only option. In fact, it is not even really an option anymore unless you are going for a specific trade or skill. If you are going to be a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer or an engineer, etc…

Get your butt to school and get your skills on. But for the rest of you, that do not know exactly what you want to do. Learning to become a professional Auto Salesperson is an amazing option.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from
  • It doesn’t matter where you live or how you grew up
  • No degree or Education needed.

Sounds pretty good right? Trust me it is. However, it is not for everyone. Be prepared to work long hours through the hot and cold, handle pressure, work hard, go periods of time (days and or weeks sometimes!) without making any money. Withstand verbal abuse from customers and managers alike at times. Work Saturdays and come in on your days off when need be.

It is definitely not for everyone, if you didn’t close the window out by now though. You may have what it takes.

Selling cars is and can be one of the most rewarding, highest paying and career building jobs there are out there. Especially for one that you need no qualifications/ experience or education to get a job. Anyone can sell cars and many have tried. I bet someone in your family or group of friends has “given it a shot”. However, most people fail and do not succeed because they are not taught how to do it the right way or trained well enough. No matter how good the dealership or dealer group. Most Dealerships fail miserably in training and preparing a salesperson for success. You get a job and they expect you to know how to do it. When you don’t. Your manager gets upset and screams at you, you make no money and no sales, and you quit or get fired after several weeks or months. I have seen it happen many times to good hard working people.

WHY? Why take Gatekeeper Training Auto Sales Course?

I have developed an easy to use and proven process and training course that will teach you how to do it the right way. So that you can build the skills needed to sell a lot of cars the right way, build real relationships and gain the skills to have a long career in sales.

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Car Sales Course

Do you want to be in control of how much money you can make year after year?

Would you like to work in an industry where you can literally go from a minimum wage job and scale to owning a business and making a million dollar income?

It does not happen quite that quick but there are many people that have accomplished it in the car business. With zero education or experience. They started as lot men or women moving cars for a dealership. Then got into sales, got a taste for the money and never stopped advancing, There is no ceiling in this industry.

You can work sales for an entire career and make a six-figure income year after year. It is a great living and a really fun time. Or you can advance from sales and become a sales or finance manager with a possibility of a larger income, a general manager (bigger income) and eventually an owner if you wanted and own a car dealership. The possibilities of career and financial advancement are endless.

For me, sales are where it’s at. It is my passion and my love. That is why I have chosen not to climb the management ladder and try to own a dealership someday. I want to teach people to accomplish what I have done in sales. Most people do not know the opportunity available to you in car sales. I am going to change that. Being a professional car salesperson has changed my life in every way.

My Story

After I graduated college and realized that my $40,000.00 education that was accumulating interest every day would do me no good and get me no job. I knew I had to make some money. I got a job selling cars at a local car dealership. I soon fell in love with the business and the people and realized this is what I want to do. Sales!

The car business has been amazing to me and changed my life in every way.


When I graduated college, I had a degree. Yet I was broke and had no job. ( I want to put a picture of me at my graduation up) with a caption that says— broke me, with no job and 40k in student loan debt at 7% interest! But then…

I got into the car business.  ( I want to have a picture of a newspaper article of when I first started that I will get you!)
With a caption that says – Young Daniel about to realize he fell into a gold mine.

After my first sale, I was hooked. Not just because of the commission or the money you can make. Because you are free. There is no sitting at a desk all day. No boring routine that is the same day after day, week after week, year after year. It is a constant grind and hustle like a sport or competition. The harder and smarter you work. The more recognition you get and the more money you make. It is addicting, I became obsessed with studying successful salespeople and wanting to be better.

By my second full calendar year in the business.

  • I was 24 years old.
  • I was now making a six-figure income (and it has continued to increase to this day).
  • I have been able to pay my bills.
  • Take vacations multiple times a year.
  • Pay for my wife’s ring and our wedding in cash.
  • Purchase our dream home.

But most of all I accomplished all of this while genuinely having fun and helping people find the right car.

Sure there have been stressful moments and hard times, but this business is a blast if you are up for the challenge. The good times far outweigh any that are not so good. I am not telling you all of this too impress you, but to impress upon you how this business can change your life.

I grew up in a nice home and not wanting for anything. But we lived week to week financially and I felt the stress and pressure my mom was under every time she did not have what it took to cover the bills. I know what struggle looks and feels like. Money is only one part of life and certainly not the most important. However, when you have more than enough money coming in and know you can continue to do better year after year. It takes a lot of the pressures of life away, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Stop worrying about there being enough money at the end of the month or if you will be able to cover your expenses. Make more money by selling cars.

Personality Benefits

When I got into this business I was extremely young and in some ways immature. Learning to sell and build relationships with all types of people really helped build me up as a person and have benefited me on and off the sales floor.

Mental Toughness: From the very beginning, selling cars will force you to be mentally tough if you do it the right way. It can be very difficult, challenging and downright aggravating. When done properly though. You build a mental toughness to make it through a tough deal, or a tough week and or even a tough month. That will transfer to being more capable of dealing with life’s problems that come along. Whether that be financial, in relationships, or anything else life throws at you.

Listening: You know God gave us two ears and only one mouth. Learning to listen is a key part of our sales process and what we do at Gatekeeper Training. If you are more into hearing yourself talk, you will not make it in the car business. Sales is listening. So is life, as you learn to listen your way to becoming a great salesperson. You will also become much better at listening to others in life. Sometimes we are so busy thinking or talking about what we want, we forget to hear and listen to others so we can really get the most out of life. Becoming a better listener will help with family, friends, and marriage. There is no relationship in or outside of work that becoming a better listener is not going to enhance your life.

Building Value: When a customer comes in. They have a budget in mind and an idea of what they want. When the value of what they want meets the value of what they want to spend. It now makes sense and they buy. Whether that be a car, a house, or anything
else. Building value in life just like business is so important. If you can help someone see the value in something, you can move them to do it. Your kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends. All of life is a value proposition and it’s important to know how to build it.

Persistence: So it’s been 2 weeks and you haven’t sold a car or made a dime. It happens. I have been doing this extremely successfully for almost a decade and it still happens. It is part of the business. It is also a part of a life. When you learn to push and stay positive through the downs of the car business, it will toughen you to stay positive and push through the downs that life will bring you. Your relationships will be tested within your group of family and friends, people you love, including yourself, will face health issues. Everyone’s problems look and feel different but everyone has them. Being able to persist through them with a positive and right mindset, instead of throwing a pity party will not only shorten them but make them easier to handle and get through.

Relationship Building: Learning to serve others and provide a first class customer experience is how you build relationships in the car business. It is not about having commonalities or being cool. Customer like and trust you because you are a professional that respects their time and situation and they always feel like you bring value to their life. Learning how too do this for a customer will also help you serve others. A spouse, your children or whoever else you blessed with the company of. Life is not about getting or gaining but about serving and that is how strong relationships are built.

The list is endless but needless to say, you will learn a lot more than just how to sell cars. These are real-life skills that will also help your life outside of work. This course is truly a win-win.

The problem I see in the world is that so many people work jobs with no upside and no possibility for more. Financially or responsibility wise. Not only are people not happy with the money they are making but they hate going to their jobs. I know this is not for everyone, but it might be for you.

So I developed a system and process to sell cars, just as good or better than anyone. It does not matter what personality type you are, or if you are male or female. Or young or old. You simply have to be willing and to want it.

In our Sales Course, you will learn everything from greeting a customer until you shake their hand before they drive away in their new vehicle.


Our Course will teach you




Information gathering/ interview and qualification





















And everything that comes with each step. Each little step to every part of the process. As well as overcoming adversity and objections that will come along the way. Included in the course will be video teaching, quizzes, and testing, and PDF Documents to assist and help you train.

With this course not only do you learn how to sell cars the proper way that you can build a real career on and make great money. You can learn how too build long lasting relationships that will pay you for years to come. You will learn tools that help you on and off the sales floor.

Money Management Course

A new survey from says 76% of Americans are doing exactly that, with nearly no emergency savings.

The study also found that 27% of those surveyed have no savings at all.  According to Bankrate, over the last three years, the savings rate of Americans has barely changed.

With unemployment in the U.S. at its lowest level in 16 years, experts are prone to talk about the economy as if it has fully recovered from the housing crash. But other measures of how Americans are doing reveal a darker picture.

A new survey from says 76% of Americans are doing exactly that, with nearly no emergency savings.

The study also found that 27% of those surveyed have no savings at all.  According to Bankrate, over the last three years, the savings rate of Americans has barely changed.

With unemployment in the U.S. at its lowest level in 16 years, experts are prone to talk about the economy as if it has fully recovered from the housing crash. But other measures of how Americans are doing reveal a darker picture.

While studies constantly tell us that a staggering amount of people are living paycheck to paycheck. Hoping that the money lasts as long as the week or month. The scarier thing is that this is a real problem for real people.

Getting your money right is an important piece of life. Whether you make $10.00 an hour or a six-figure income and beyond. You have to manage and plan your money properly. You need to have a system.

“If I made more money, I would be able to save and do the things I want”

That’s a load of garbage and I have met and worked with people that make an insane amount of money and are dead broke.
On the other hand. I have met people that never made much more than minimum wage but they were able to buy a vehicle in cash and did not have a financial worry.

What’s the difference? Having a system and a plan is essential. You either have a plan for your money or you plan to not have any. That does not mean that you have to be cheap or stop spending money. You do have to do it intentionally though and make sure you stick to your plan.

Each person and family plan and system for finances should look different. Because everyone has a different situation. With unique and individual goals and plans for your life and family.

Stop waiting and learn how too take control of your finances right now.

I have been on both ends of the spectrum. I have been dead broke with too much month left at the end of the money and I am now in complete control of my finances.

Money is not the key to joy or happiness, it’s far from it. But when you have zero financial worries or stress. It allows you to focus on the important issues of life that do bring you joy and happiness. Without ever having to worry or stress about your finances.


The Course will teach you

Evaluate your specific situation to see where you are at financially

  • Your bills
  • Your debt
  • Your income
  • You goals

Educate you about Basic Financial Practice

  • Paying Bills
  • Learning how and when to save
  • How to pay down debt faster and stop paying too much interest
  • How to protect yourself and your money from liability

Set an Individual Plan

  • To pay down debt ( if needed )
  • To start saving money in case of emergency
  • To put money aside to accomplish any financial goals, big or small
    ( house, shoes, car, children’s college fund, TV, etc……)
  • Projecting every expense and goal a year in advance based on your income so you can really see how quickly you can achieve your goals or what needs to be adjusted with constant access to view and adjust, because we know life changes and your finances do to hacks to save $ now

Most people can be saving $10’s or $100’s a month and do not even know it. Just by making a few calls and or adjustments to things you are already doing.

We include scripts on how to shop and save money on monthly expenses and hacks to find out where you can start saving right now on money you are already spending.