There is no substitute for Live Training as an individual or with your staff. If you want to be the best you have to train.

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The ideal candidate is anyone who wants more out of life. Do you want to learn skills that can help you provide and make a better living but also help you improve on many life skills that apply in and outside of work.

Automotive Sales is an opportunity to have a one of a kind career and income. You have to have a process, game plan, and training regimen to succeed. Like professional sports, most careers are cut short. Not because of a lack of want, but because of a lack of process and preparation.  

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The Gatekeeper Sales Training Process will prepare you with a head start on your career and help you with developing your skills along the way.

The Sales Process

Greeting / Setting The Stage
Needs Analysis/ Selection
Working With Your Managers
demonstrating vehicles and products/ Trade Walk
Closing / Overcoming Objections
Selling Protection And Insurance Products
Relationship Cultivation
Phone/ Internet
Best Practices

We cover all steps of the sales process.

First, we teach it and help our students understand what each step is and WHY  we do it. Understanding why you do something is more important than understanding what or how. When you know why you do something, you can fight through adversity or getting off track and work your way back on track to get the sale.

Our students will learn in-depth about each step of the process. You will also learn word tracks and successful practices you can use and make your own to follow the process but remain yourself. Sales is not a one size fits all, but it is a process-oriented business. With the Gatekeeper Training process, any personality can shine and succeed.

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Our students will learn in-depth about each step of the process.

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ANYONE can succeed at selling cars with the right training


You will also spend the majority of your training, practicing and role-playing under close supervision and instruction. Knowledge without repetition is useless. Great performers are not great because they know how to do something. They are great because they practice over and over. We believe in practice and learning from our mistakes in the Gatekeeper classroom so that when you get to the sales floor, you will make fewer mistakes and make more sales.

ANYONE can succeed at selling cars with the right training. There is no right look and it does not matter where you are from. Check out this diverse group of young men from Rochester NY that have all found massive success talking about who they are, what they love about the business and of course, why training is so important! 

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Communication is critical in life and all relationships. Becoming great in car sales is going to help you to properly communicate not only with your co-workers and customers but also with your spouse, children, and any valued relationship in your life. Truly improving your lifestyle, income, and lowering your stress levels.


Many times we cannot close a deal or find a solution to a problem because we cannot see what the real objection is—therefore making it impossible to find the solution. The Gatekeeper Training process and sales style teaches you to analyze a situation and ask all of the right questions that will help you navigate to the right solution without wasting any time or losing money.


The key to building value is gathering the right information from the customer, so you know what their values and needs are. It makes building Value simple. We teach you how to create value while demonstrating a solution to the customers' issues, making it an easy decision when it comes time to close the deal.


We do not just focus on selling cars and closing deals. We at Gatekeeper Training know that success in any aspect of life is dependent on building great relationships. Making money is not as important to us as the relationships we build and how we can help others. We focus on excellent and positive relational skills to become a value and necessity in our customers' lives. Making the salesperson and dealership irreplaceable and changing the customers' lives for the better.


You will become so good at the process, and learning how to help people; closing deals will become the smallest part of what you do. It is still essential because many customers will have to be closed and do not just roll over and buy the car when it comes time to make the deal. It is important to know how and when to use which tactics and sales tools to close the deal. You will learn to master the process and closing deals with the Gatekeeper Training Sales Certification.


The car business is not an easy one and can be trying at times, but when done successfully, you understand the value of hard work and pushing through adversity. Building your tolerance for nonsense and teaching you how to fight through it along the way. A career in car sales will help you not only in your career but in every aspect of life with your ability to navigate and be successful through the most difficult of times.


Learn how to set and achieve goals of any kind in and out of work.


Want to get a great career? Get a certification in selling cars from Gatekeeper Training, and within weeks, you can be out in the field selling cars and making money.


Learn how to dominate your time and get the most of each day at work


If you can learn a process and stick to it to help your customers, then you can make more money than you ever imagined. With unlimited potential, car sales indeed are a blessing for a family's income. There are no limits, and you can make as much money as you want. All you have to do is help people and build relationships. We can teach you how!


We do not just want you to go out and create relationships and make more money. We want to make sure you are smart about spending, giving, and saving your money correctly. A portion of the certification will teach you best practices with your finances, so you are prepared for a sales style income and an increase in your funds with a process and plan.


All the success and money means absolutely nothing if you are not living an ethical and value-filled life. Know where your values lie and how to stick to them.

Do you want more?

Work into management, own a dealership. Or master sales for 5-10 years and build your real estate portfolio, or build your own company in a different industry. The confidence, skills, and relationships you get from the car business transfer and prepare you for success in any field. 

Continuing Education for Current Salespeople

We can help your sales staff become better and more efficient. Running a dealership is a difficult job. The owner must oversee all operations. The general manager has to worry about sales, marketing, advertising, purchasing, wholesale, and countless other responsibilities. The sales managers and finance managers have a full-time job trying to manage and desk all deals, sell a product, run meetings, oversee the CRM, not to mention handling all of the personalities and drama that come with a sales floor.

There is not enough time for management to keep up with their current tasks and responsibilities while adequately training on processes and skill to maximize every customer opportunity. 

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Because of turnover within the industry, you are continually replacing your salespeople. Hiring and firing salespeople can become a never-ending pattern with no solution in sight. You also have to deal with people quitting and giving up on the dealership because of a lack of success. These situations are expensive and frustrating. 

Hire Gatekeeper Training to train your salespeople with processes and skills that will help them be more effective when they are in front of customers or when the dealership is slow and during times to mine for new and existing business opportunities. 

Our proven training processes work to ensure that you maximize your time with the customer, make more deals, create more gross profit in those deals, and sell more products to protect the customers’ new vehicle. Most importantly, we help your staff build stronger relationships that will lead to repeat/ referral business and service loyalty. Which drives business and profit for a dealership and helps retain sales staff for a longer and happier career.  

Customized training programs

We customize training programs based on what your employees need, how much time we have to work with, and where they are in their careers. Contact us now to learn how we can help your sales staff become more productive and take the next step in their career at your dealership.

Pricing varies and is based on the time needed and the needs of the class we are training. 

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